The End of an Era.....Again

Well, it has finally happened.  The channel 3 antenna is on the ground 6/13/10.  No more 6 meter interference.  At least from WKYC.

Below are some photos for those technically inclined or just curious.

Tower Base

The tower was sitting on a ceramic insulator. The initial tower was an AM antenna on 1100khz of the Franklin type which was two half-waves fed in-phase. After the sale of AM, a heavy steel cylinder was put in place to cover it.

Batwing array

View looking toward the top of the mast. It was actually a 6 bay antenna but in removal, it was cut to lessen the weight.

Batwing bay center feed point

This photo shows the feedline against the mast with the center conductor feeding the center of the element. The ends of the elements are grounded to the mast.

Opposite batwing element

Here we show the center of the opposite half of the batwing element being grounded at the center to the mast. That would be ..hey a dipole.


The transmission, 3 1/8" in this case, comes up the tower and power is distributed to the feedlines to the batwing elements.

Transmission line harness

Measured lengths of coax distribute the RF to the proper elements in the proper phase.

Ice melting

This photo shows the heating element going into the middle of the antenna element. Just a long heating element in a hollow tube.

Lighting suppression

You can see the top beacon surrounded by a cage of sorts with lightning 'rods'. Better to bleed off the cloud static then get nailed. Still gets nailed.


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