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The U-100 Project

Over a period of time, a ham named Andy (VK4FHAW) have been communicating and he has come up with a new control system using the parallel port to control his antennas. This is the kind of thing I've been hoping for to happen. He has given me permission to publish his email and this one sums it up quite nicely. It also contains a link to his You tube video which is quite nice. Thanks Andy, for being a newcomer to this end of ham radio and doing an excellent job.

If you would like to contact him for more info, below is his email address.



Just wanted to give you an update how things are going. At this stage the system is fully operational with Azimuth and Elevation control with a parallel port relay interface, receiving the data from either nova or HRD.

I had several good leo contacts already, funny enough mainly on the SSB birds, AO07, 29 and 52. Some FM on 51, although its QRP transmitter only, and that only sporadic active over Australia - so Oscar 7 Mode B is much more fun, considering a good pass lasts for about 22 minutes. I've read that they want to activate SO-67 over Australia in the second half of July - would be interesting to see how this one works.

I've put a little youtube clip up which shows the system :


I made a few changes to the software (other then the parallel port stuff), and changed the layout a bit. Let me know if you want to have the source code in its current form. I am quite impressed how accurate it actually is. I need to 0 the az and el values about once every 10 days, and only did 1 full calibration run so far. Considering the beam angle of the antennas I am using is 30 degrees +, a 5 degree accuracy is more then sufficient.

Thank you so much again ! Without all your hard work that wouldn't have been possible.

I want to build myself now a higher gain UHF and VHF antennas (with plans from http://www.yu7ef.com/) to improve my SNR. Also thinking about a mast mounted pre-amp, but not sure if its worth it (FT 847 has a pretty good low noise pre-amp build in).


Andreas (VK4FHAW)

The Basic Stamp Controller

Please go to the U100Info link at the left.  There is no charge for the program. The program works with either Nova or Ham Radio Deluxe.

My Cushcraft 2m/70cm beam with PVC pipe.

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Checkout the Alliance U-100 rotator page on the left. My satellite tracking program for the U-100 utilizes Nova for Windows.

Just a couple from a very long time ago.