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Nov. 8, 2015

It's been a long time since I've been on this site but I'm back at it and on the air on satellites of course.

As usual, I do things for the challenge and learn a few things during that course.  This is no different.

Again, the objective was to make my satellite station not from scratch but to give others the push to get on the air without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars.  More like under $200.  What I have done us repurpose used printed circuit boards (stripped the parts off), picked up rotators at a flea market along with parts from the ol' junk box.  The only items purchased where the two antennas.  Below is a photo of the mast & antennas. Click on it to see it larger.


The Basic Stamp

Since starting my antenna project, I ran across an item that seemed to do exactly what I needed.  That would be the Basic Stamp 1.  Parallax Inc. came up with this microprocessor and it is a blast to work with.  I have some folks interested in learning about this little gem and I think if you're interested in antenna controls, it would serve you well to take a close look at this Stamp and the larger version with more commands and memory.

Among others using this chip is our amateur radio club's satellite trailer.  www.2cars.org.

The U-100 Project

An update word as of June 2009 on this project.  I had planned on making an upgrade to the control system.  As in the past, the emphasis was on making it inexpensive.  That didn't work very well.  While the below controller works fine the plan was to make it much more accurate using a single Basic Stamp 2.

The problem was that I could not make the communications work fast enough to monitor and send the position info back to the computer while still issuing commands to move.  It may have been possible to do that with a Stamp 2 at the controller end and one at the rotator end but then that defeated the purpose of being inexpensive.

I look forward to others investigating various possibilities and would appreciate letting me know how you do.

The Basic Stamp Controller

 Please go to the U100Info link at the left.  There is no charge for the program. The program works with either Nova or Ham Radio Deluxe.


Just a couple from a very long time ago.